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About us

The public enterprise Transnafta was founded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the year 2005, for the purpose of performing activities of public interest. The company’s main task is creating conditions for the secure, safe and reliable transport of crude oil via pipeline, thereby ensuring the continuity of crude oil supply. The Company, having been established during the reorganisation process in the oil industry and has continued with the activities within the energy sector, nowadays it is proud of the knowledge and experience gained over the past thirty years of pipeline management.

At the time of establishment, the core activities that the Company performed were crude oil and petroleum products pipeline transport throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Since then, thanks to the efficient business policies, professional staff and the ambitious ideas, the Company has grown and has developed, and its activities have been extended to the storage and crude oil, petroleum products and bio-fuels trade. Transnafta also deals with design, construction, supervision and pipeline maintenance, provides engineering and consulting services in the field of pipeline transportation, and in accordance with the law performs foreign trade within the registered activities.

Transnafta operates at several different locations in the territories of Pancevo, Novi Sad and Belgrade. Transnafta Terminal is located near the Refinery Novi Sad and near the Refinery Pancevo is Transnafta Metering station.

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Organizational structure

Company's activities

Transnafta performs transport of crude oil through oil pipeline that stretches from the river Danube on the border with Croatia, to Pancevo, a total of 154.4km. Related pipeline infrastructure consists of a terminal in Novi Sad with four crude oil tanks of 10.000 m³ each, the dispatching centre and pumping station, the metering station in Pancevo and eight block stations along the route. One of the main tasks of the Company is to provide the continuous and safe transport of crude oil for the needs of NIS a.d.

With the Decision on Foundation, the Company overtook the obligation to ensure, in accordance with the law, work and development plans and Business Program, the work conditions and uninterrupted transport system, security, regular maintenance, development and technical and technological integration into unified crude oil and petroleum products pipeline transport system in the Republic of Serbia, so as the measures that will contribute to linking these systems with other countries’ crude oil and petroleum products transport systems.

Under conditions of high energy dependence, it is important to ensure the stabile supply of crude oil and petroleum products. Crude oil and petroleum products storage activities have a significant role in nowadays economic conditions and energy demands. Storage of compulsory stocks of crude oil and petroleum products is regulated by EU directives that member states must incorporate into national legislation in order to ensure secure supply of petroleum products.

Considering the need for harmonization of legislation of the Republic of Serbia with the European legislation, and hence the need for regulation of the compulsory stocks system for crude oil and petroleum products, the Company plans to provide the crude oil and petroleum products commercial storage service within its own storage facilities. Based on long-term cooperation with a legal entity that will perform the tasks of forming preservation and maintenance of compulsory stocks for the state, the Company is developing storage capacities for crude oil and petroleum products compulsory stocks. For that purpose, Transnafta has established cooperation with the Directorate for Petroleum Reserves and Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves and the Army of the Republic of Serbia on the joint use of storage capacities owned by the Army of the Republic of Serbia. The Law on Commodity Reserves defines terms and mode of forming, preservation, maintenance and monitoring of crude oil and petroleum products compulsory stocks, as well as the way of establishing the required structure of compulsory stocks.

In accordance with the adopted structure of compulsory stocks, and in order to ensure the availability of crude oil to refineries and motor fuels to customers, it is expected that storage capacities are next to the existing pipeline for crude oil reserves and next to the planned petroleum products pipeline for motor fuels.

Strategic objectives


The company’s vision is to become one of the significant companies in the Southeastern region of Europe in the crude oil and petroleum products transport activities, so as to become known in the region for efficient, quality and reliable pipeline transport and crude oil and petroleum products storage.


The mission of the Company is to position itself with significant business entities in the energy sector, operating in the field of storage and transportation of crude oil and petroleum products, by providing quality services, acceptable prices, efficiency and professional management, to contribute in raising the energy, environmental, economic and business efficiency and effectiveness in whole, so as to ensure continuous growth of its employees’ living standard, following their professional development and the sense of security, belonging and loyalty to the Company.


The goals of the company’s are: providing reliable crude oil storage and continuous crude oil transportation; provision of regular users of its services, appropriate revenue and profit, so as the conditions for constant growth and development; providing conditions for the new crude oil and petroleum products storage capacities implementation; providing conditions for crude oil and petroleum products trade; petroleum products pipeline transport development (pipeline system through Serbia, with the connection to similar systems in the region); preparation of conditions needed for diversification of services – development of telemetry, cable, TT, IT, TV and other communication installations in the pipeline zone.


  • Business, technical and commercial contracting with existing and potential partners and entities in the field of oil and oil products pipeline transportation, as well as development of the pipeline systems in whole;
  • Reliable, preventive, current and investment maintenance of the existing oil pipeline transportation system and the related infrastructure objects, facilities and equipment;
  • The increase of storage capacities by investing and cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, Directorate for Petroleum Supply and through Public - Private Partnership
  • Permanent education and improving of the professional, instructive and executive acquirements and working skills;
  • Continuous implementation and use of all technical collective and personal means of protection, as well as the consistent application of the environmental regulation measures;
  • Specifying and implementing of the Quality Management System in all business functions of the Company;
  • Optimal and rational management of all business functions of the Company in order to achieve more efficient and profitable work and development;
  • Encouraging of potential business partners and investors from the country and abroad for participation in the planned and prospective development;
  • Appropriate cooperation with the state and economy institutions.

Supervisory Board


Chairman of the Board

Vladimir Coric

Member of the Board

Djura Knezevic

Member of the Board


Member of the Board


Member of the Board


Management of the Company is consisted of the general manager and department directors.

Tomislav Basta


Bogdan Kuzmanovic, PhD

Executive Director for Financial and Economic Affairs

Slobodan Radisic, PhD

Executive Director for Storage


Executive Director for Transport

Nebojsa Lemajic

Executive Director for Investments

Nedzad Turkovic, PhD

Executive Director for System Support

Natasa Lecic

Executive Director for Legal Affairs

Zivkov, PhD

Internal Auditor